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  1. Nope, copying cells or entire rows in a table still doesn't work.
  2. The issue is even bigger when using tables. It is currently not possible to copy and paste a cell or an entire row (including formatting).
  3. Found a temporary solution: It looks like the issue occurs during (immediate) syncing Open the note you want to work on in a different window Then select another note in the main window See comment below from gazumped: Workaround is to turn off the option "set new note focus to title"
  4. I'm having the exact same issue. After typing a couple of letters, the cursor jumps to the start of the note title. Please fix this asap!
  5. I was lucky enough to have an iPad which was not set to update automatically. Synced this iPad with iTunes, removed Penultimate 6 from my iPad Mini and added Penultimate 5.3.1. All notebooks are still available!!!
  6. I also create a profile just to react on this. Please let us downgrade to the previous version! Other disturbing issues I found: - When you delete a notebook in Penultimate (because it has no Penultimate-notes anymore) the notebook is deleted from Evernote as well! Although it has regular Evernote-notes in there. - It is not possible anymore to have multiple paper formats in 1 note. - It is not possible to add a new note into an existing notebook. And as previously commented: where is the drift option, what made writing on an iPad Mini worthwile?
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