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  1. I feel as though you've taken away my moleskin notebooks and slick fountain pen and replaced it with an ancient parchment scroll, a feather, and some blueberry juice. By completely changing the metaphor, you've asked me to change the way that I work and given me inferior tools to do it with. Is it possible for the interface to have 2 different views, Ancient Biblical Parchment Scroll View, and Hemingway Modern Notebook View? At least this would give us a choice and allow us to gently test out a time when people had to roll two whalebones furiously to get to page 65 of their hieroglyphic children's novel that they were writing and illustrating. You know, the one where the writer gets blindsided by the invention of the square wheel and has to figure out how he's going to transfer all of his work to another application? Disappointing that this wasn't an opt in, and that now I have to figure out how to get all of my work out of the program. Oh, and the two finger scrolling doesn't work. I'm constantly leaving marks on the paper. Put a stinking hand icon back at the top and let me tap it. That's one hieroglyph I do understand. Best of luck...
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