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  1. Few more things iv noticed: You now can't change your paper type within a note book?? I someone's do technical drawings on a following page to my notes, now I can't None of the notebooks have my note book names against them?? I have to go into each note book to se what it is, before it said below the book what it was. Iv changed my hand position on the app, but it still won't let me write with my stylus without zooming in?? And the scroll speed is stupid, no one can write that fast without it being totally unreadable. The resolution for the writing is terrible. I can hardly read my notes. Previously it was clean and crisp, now it looks like iv used a leaky pen. The 2 finger scrolling is terrible. You have to wait for ages for it to recognise your doing it, and whilst your trying you write lines all over your page, which you then have to erase. Is there no way we can revert back to a previous version?????
  2. It doesn't even work with the stylus, in fact it's terrible now. You can't write on the page anymore, you have to zoom in and write in the small box, but that scrolls at a stupid speed so you have to write a few words, pause it, move it along, write a few more etc..... Why have they changed something that clearly wasn't broke. I spent £65 on a pen that now is useless. Is there any way of going back to V5?! HELP
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