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  1. thank you. why they would default people to beta leaves me clueless...
  2. I didn't go to any version, I just use the web app and the design is useless. they released it to the general public themselves, or I wouldn't have it. How do I get the old web app design?
  3. "it isn't finished" or, like I hear others say "dont complain, it's still in beta" I don't want no stinkin unfinished or beta software, again, it's a productivity tool, stop wasting my time, stop pretending you're microsoft, stop releasing unfinished software. thx.
  4. I use this tool as advertised: "a productivity tool" why would you then redesign it so form > function? is this going to get fixed? I've already started migration to a different service, no more new notes will be made in evernote if it stays this way, so I hope they get their ***** together. I feel sorry for the people who have paid for this product. screenshot added to show you how ridiculous it looks on just a 1080p screen, I'm too scared to open it on my 1440p monitor. please fire the guy who thought this was a good idea. edit: as a reference: look at how the previous interface was just packed with information, as it should be!
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