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  1. This is true, but I have been following this thread from day one and this is the first time I am seeing any sort of response from the evernote team. They were not there before despite having the post date on the 13th. Never the less I'm happy to see that they are at least trying to to acknowledge this mistake. I will however continue to stay with my downgraded v5 until I see these " significant improvements", thats are said to be made.
  2. I'm not going to say any more about how unhappy I am with this 6.0 update, it would just be redundant after so many have already voiced the same displeasure. What I would like to ask is why you, Evernote, can be so quiet after so many have complained about it. It must be painfuly obvious by now how mutch of a mistake this update was for your reputation. You said that you had used Beta Testers, but what controls groups did you use? Were any of these people actual penaltimate users? This update also has me wondering if Ben Zotto, the original developer for penaltimate, was even involved in this? This update just seems very premature and a little arrogant on the developers side. To have dropped from a four star rating in the App Store to a one stare, just tells me that you really didn't know why penaltimate was so such an amazing app to begin with.
  3. Just take a look at this, Evernote. Only two days after your 6.0 update you ratings plumited in the app store from a four star rating to a one and a half star rating.
  4. If you read the article like I have, its pretty clear that this author is not a penultimate user. Not to mention how the comments that litters the bottom of the article is just reiterating what this forum is currently voicing. And if you were to go over to Evernote's pinned thread: Penultimate 6.0 Released Out of the current 170 replies, almost all of them are discussing how disappointed we are with this new update.
  5. After having cooled down from my previous post: I have made an effort to try and understand this new update. I would first like to point out that I am a full time student who used Penultimate everyday for note taking in classes. When I found this app post-update I was looking for an alternative to the physical pen and paper. Carrying around an arm full of notebooks every day with a handful of pens and pencils was just too inefficient and impractical when I had a buttload of textbooks I had to carry too. Post-update was near perfect, it was exactly what I was looking for; notebooks in a digital format. It had features that I thought was absolutely clever, like pasting and resizing photos, zoomed in writing that moved with you, thumnail overview of all your pages, and page insertion. The minimalistic concept of having the core features only a tap away was fast and productive. Why try and fix what's not broken? All those features that I loved and that became a vital part of my daily routine are now gone. What we have now is a stylized piece of *****. It may look sleek and modern but it is not intuitive at all. After reading through many of the comments it seems that a lot of businessmen and teachers use this app for their daily work routine. Thinking about it, this 6.0 update seems to be geared more towards the younger generation who is growing up in the technological era where the idea of a "notebook" seems obsolete, but for the generation who grew up writing everything using a pen and paper and grew into the computer age, this update is just a setback and is pushing the limits on what "focused writing" really means. I really tried to take notes with the new update, while its not impossible its definitely not practical. Mentioned before, the zoomed in writing is now a split screen which is very distracting and now, instead of writing with you at your own pace -stopping when you stop, speeding up when you speed up, or slowing down when you slow down- it is just a continuous motion that will continue even after you have picked up your pen. This is not efficient at all. The play and pause button is kind of like the anchor they had post-update but if you can't keep up with the continuous motion it is very inconvenient to constantly push that button to make clean and legible notes. Inserting photos and then resizing them has been a hassle for me.The pinching in and out motion with your fingers is not properly sync to the photo and often does not register the first time. I use this feature a lot when taking in class notes. I often take snapshots of diagrams off the classroom board and insert them into my notes. With the small issues I'm having with this feature it makes doing it a bit time consuming which is unacceptable when I need to pay more attention to the lecture rather than making sure I'm resizing a photo correctly into my notes. The two finger swiping motion used to scroll down in the notes is frustrating to say the least. This endless scrolling is the number one thing I am most livid about with this new update. More times than not it doesn't even register and instead makes a line from the pen across my notes, which then in turn has me hitting the undo button only for the swiping to fail again. It would have been much more appealing for this scrolling if it was a one finger swipe. After all, that is the motion we are most familiar with when scrolling on touch pads, such as an iPad, tablet, or phone. The two finger swipe feels very unnatural. The one thing I want more then ever are the pages. That is what a notebook is, a book and that is the number one reason why I believe so many people found wonderful about the app post-update to begin with. Or at least that is the reason why I found the app wonderful. One thing I would like to add is how cluttered this update has made the app. I loved the minimalistic and rustic concept the post-update had. Now rather than having your core writing features a tap away, they are piled up on top of one another requiring me to browse through the options just to get to what I need. Instead of these options being on the outside of the paper they lay on top of it, which gives the general aesthetic a sloppy feel if you have writing underneath them. The organization of notes and notebooks is something I find very weird and once again sloppy and cluttered. After the update was installed onto my iPad my notebooks, which were organized for each of my classes, had been lumped together as individual "notes" in one notebook. I dont see how this is very good organization. I can add a new notebook under a different name but I have not found an option that allowed me to move a "note" over into other notebooks.The very concept of these "notes" is confusing. They almost look like pages, (endless pages) but as far as I have discovered you would need to create every "note" manually and individually. Which doesn't make much sense as to why you would want to do this if you have the endless scrolling to begin with. Overall this update is a huge mistake and as many people have already mentioned, I would like to see Evernote address these issues rather than push them aside hoping it will go away. Somethings you just have to let grow on you but this is not one of them. There concept with these new features by trying to unbind themselve from the "notebook" metaphor seems very appealing on the surface but when put into practice lacks a lot of the luster it once had. Compared to the post-update this app is in no way better and as a result lost stars in the app store, now resulting in only one and half stars. If there isn't any improvement Penultimate is going to lose a lot of trusted long term users, I for one am one of them. Since this post I have restored the penultimate app from iTunes to its update before 6.0 and I will keep it this way until I see notable changes. "A complete redesign of the app for smoother writing and better organization" really makes me wonder who this update was made for because it was certainly not made for the pre existing users, as this forum is clearly proving.
  6. I am pissed! I use penultimate for all my note taking in classes, when my iPad made the update it happend when I was on my way to one of my classes. When I sat down to take notes everything was wrong! I had several notebooks organized according to my classes and now I can't tell witch one is which. I hate the endless scrolling, I NEED MY PAGES BACK and I can't stand the sensitivity when I try to resize a picture. Because the pages are now GONE I can't find my book marks from browsing the thumbnails and if I want to study I'm going to have to scroll through all my notes just to find what I need. When I do take notes I'm confined to a small area of my tablet and I can't stand that. I tend to jump around my page to add footnotes and reminders and I can't do that anymore. I have to relearn how the whole app works again. I hate everything about it and I want to downgrade NOW! The only positive thing I can say about the stupid update is the damn highlighter! I really like the highlighter but if they are going to make updates like this, they need to do it gradually so its not so much of a SHOCK when we open the app. I'm an efficient college student who's already stressed out enough as it is, this update is inefficiant and a setback in comparison. If I can't find a way to downgrade the app to its previous update I'm going to get a diffrent app!
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