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  1. Hi Gock, The online version of marxico (http://marxi.co/) seems to have some issues loading font/icon in latest Chrome( Version 38.0.2125.122), see screenshot here: http://cl.ly/image/192c1J1n0H2h. Here are the errors in the developer console: http://cl.ly/image/3h3y3h193u3C. This seems to be related to this issue: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12229844/amazon-s3-cors-cross-origin-resource-sharing-and-firefox-cross-domain-font-loa. It works fine in Safari btw. Could you look into this please? Thank you!
  2. Hello Gock, Thank you so much for this app! With it I can finally start using Evernote! Just wondering if there's a place where you keep a list of upcoming features. As much as I love the app, I feel that it's yet perfect and I'd like to know what features are coming. Personally, I really hope to have the following: 1. UML sequence diagram using js-sequence-diagrams. 2. Default contents. For example, I'd like to have @(Sample notebook)[Marxico|Markdown] as the default content for every new document I create and sync to Evernote. 3. A special comment syntax like <!--- StackEd
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