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  1. Dear Evernote, Your clairvoyant 'vision' of what the portable note taking experience should be, is truly awe inspiring, but I think you would be wise to respect the wisdom and needs of your customer base. Version 6.x.x should have been sold as a different product, to a different group of users, NOT a forced paradigm shift onto your loyal users. As far as I am concerned, 6.0.0 & 6.0.1 show arrogance and contempt to the user, and as another poster put it "epic FAIL 2.0". Why can you not understand that we want version 5 back? Clearly, you seek innovation at all cost - good luck with that attitude... I'm moving on.
  2. Helloooo Evernote... It has been over 2 days now - what is your response to this mess that you created??? crickets....
  3. apparently, U cannot use the word T*RD in a post. How about Steaming Pile?
  4. What an accomplishment! It takes some real programming skills to take one of the best iPad apps EVER and turn it into a complete *****... High-fives everyone!
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