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  1. A few things I'd like to share: 1) I attempted to use one of my Penultimate notebooks during a meeting yesterday, but since I would have had to scroll through 50 pages or so to find what I was looking for, it just didn't work out. In the past, I've been able to view the thumbnails and find things very quickly in notebooks with many pages. Thank goodness I had some backup documents on paper. 2) Fortunately, I just downgraded back to v5.3.1 and feel like some order has been restored in the universe! At least I can use my old notebooks. 3) I am making new notebooks in Notability, which again has some major advantages including working/syncing on both my iPad AND iPhone, and backing up to my Google Drive. I doubt that I will switch back to Penultimate. 4) I'm even wondering if I should drop Evernote (which I've used for at least 5 years, consider a great system, and would like to continue using reliably and effectively). I have a lot of useful reference info in Evernote so I hope I can keep using it. --VB
  2. Due to the loss of key features in the new version of Penultimate, I am looking for a replacement. This is despite the fact that I have a backup of the app v5.3.1, my notes are also backed up in Evernote (in some form), I was a daily enthusiastic user of Penultimate professionally and personally, thought it was the best app ever, etc. I've been experimenting with Notability for a day or two now and really like it! I am planning to bite the bullet and switch. The current version of Notability looks like a mix of Penultimate v5.3.1 and Penultimate v.6.0, yet there are several things I really like about it: 1) There are both iPad AND iPhone apps. The notebooks synchronize so I can see them on both devices AND revise them on both devices. 2) I can also start new notebooks on the iPhone now and actually handwrite and draw on them! 3) I can type in the note if I want to do that instead of handwriting. 4) I don't like the scrolling pages, but at least there is a scrolling set of pages viewable to the side which can help me find the proper page within a note! 5) It integrates nicely with Google drive, Dropbox, and other services for exporting and backup. 6) The organization of notebooks into binders, sub folders, etc. makes sense to me. 7) The pinch and zoom viewing and writing features work well. I am a daily continuous (compulsive?) note taker, would always carry a mid-size notebook around (even on dates with my awesome and understanding wife:), go back through my selected pages of notes to glean reference info and revise them, and so on. Thank you Penultimate and Evernote for providing such a great application in the past! Also thank you for promoting me to search for something even better. The more I think about it and experiment, I am moving towards a switch to something that works much better for me, Notability!
  3. If I've already synced my penultimate notes with Evernote, uninstall the update, and reinstall an older version, will my penultimate notes be recovered when I log into the old version? Please let me know either way. Thanks!
  4. This update is awful. I simply can't navigate through my notebooks properly. (Most are 30 pages or more and I need to be able to see the snapshots of the individual pages to find what I am looking for.) The double-finger gesture produces little ink streaks half the time instead of scrolling the page. As someone who writes a lot of notes, Penultimate was my favorite app. In a matter of minutes, Penultimate sank from first to worst. How do I go back to the previous version and get a worthwhile app that I can actually use efficiently??? I want the awesome Penultimate back!!!!!!!!!!!!
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