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  1. Evernote CEO response below. Some focused attention. I would imagine that they will change/fix technical issues fast with v6.. Also probably get a manual/video explaining the upgrades and how to use ...especially for loyal users, to make it work "like" version 5. Shocking to see such an transforming upgrade to come without any instructions. A fast rollback to v5 would be good...but will be interesting to see if they can technically can pull off and if they want to given the v6 development commitment. It has been painful and interesting to watch this car wreck live. Will be interesting to see how they unwind it all...and hopefully not continue it.
  2. They (Evernote) have screwed up thousands of users lives so far, wasting tons of individuals time, affecting their work and education lives, and significantly raising anxieties. This is not a little case of pesky loyal users who just don't like the look and feel of change. If they (Evernote) had any integrity and cared, they would take down v6.0 immediately....they have and are not. I will give them till Monday afternoon...at which point they will officially be labeled Pathetic.
  3. Here's the response I got from Twitter ..... They are " sending critical feedback to developers and product managers": bad news. PM's and Developers will have will either convince management to stick it out, or do say oopsie and undo their own bold work Steve Moore @St50moore Ugh, can not scroll between pages in new Pentultimate 6.0.. Fix now I can not get back to previous notes @penultimateapp - 13 Nov More Tweets Steve Moore @St50moore Are you going to go back to thumbnails and page flips? Or are we stuck with the disaster of scrolling? @evernotehelps: @St50moore Thank you. - 14 Nov Evernote Helps @evernotehelps Follow Follow @St50moore I've passed your feedback and suggestions along to our devs and PMs. Thank you.
  4. To the other users like myself who find this unusable: what are your recommendations for other ipad writing apps to consider? Appreciate the help. A stand alone app is likely the way to go. Being an R&D person, it is clear to me that the Pentultimate approach is being destroyed as we know it so it "works like" Evernote. I (we) don't want it to and this will likely be the core issue...unless they capitulate openly, and soon enough. I doubt if they (Evernote) will capitulate as they as the big bosses are an Evernote team, not a Pentultimate team. They will smugly be ok with losing Pentultimate core users with the promise of a new future (they hope). It will take them a long while to figure out the right vs wrong approach. Net, we need to find a new app for ourselves. What is your recco for a writing app to consider?
  5. I agree with most all above. Horrible...scrolling, no thumbnails, hard to find old notes, two finger scrolling sucks, I write in landscape most often, thicker founts on old notes. In addition no manuals/instructions. This is sloppy even if it was a labeled beta..which it is not. Designer/mangers should be fired for such a miserable launch. I would like to have back the old version until you fix. You have a short window...then I'll move on. Evernote overall at risk, as Pentultimate WAS the value add for me.
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