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  1. We are actively working on many of the issues noted here. No additional pressure needed I think we are all looking forward to the result, thank you One thing I wanted to point out - in several places you (or others, don't remember) have said that the future version of the zoom will have a bigger, more customizable box. However it sounds like most users (including me) don't want a box at all, as this leaves a lot less room to write. That's a big issue on iPad minis and the previous zoom-in feature was one of the reasons why penultimate was so much better than most writing apps, one of the reasons why I didn't use notability.
  2. I will echo most of the comments above. There was a reason why I was using penultimate instead of eg. notability or others, and this reason doesn't exist anymore. If we can get the old version back I'll take it right away! Main issues: - I was writing in landscape and most (not all) pages are rotated 90°, making my notes unusable. - pages disappeared which may be the biggest issue. I used to insert and delete pages constantly. - thumbnail view disappeared, which I was also using constantly - I hate the zoom. The previous version (no box) was much better. Having the box thing is what other apps do and one of the reasons why I chose penultimate. Others commented on the speed too - I agree with that. I hope those features will be reinserted... in the meantime I'm forced to look for an alternative
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