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  1. When you tap "Show Less" on the iOS 10 notification panel, would it be possible to show no notes or the "Recent Notes Here" line – and just show the new note icons? That would be a big help! Thanks.
  2. My experience with the update on my iPad mini 32gb with Retina has been mixed. The good – The tray feature is a welcome, but still lacking, feature; it's close to the previous thumbnail page-view to me. Portrait-to-landscape rotation also seems to work well. The bad – Two-finger scrolling is still terrible, working only half the time and creating long ink-streaks down the page the other half. The lag-time and ink-inaccuracy is still a bad as well; the ink doesn't show up under the tip of the stylus. The zoom box advances too quickly. I bought the Evernote Jot Script Stylus hoping it would make a difference. Though it is a nice-looking and well-weighted stylus, it's functionality is very disappointing with Penultimate, Unacceptable. I will probably be returning it if corrections aren't made to the app quickly. Unfortunately, I'm still not optimistic.
  3. If you actually read this thread, you'd notice that an Evernote employee, Joshua Taylor, has chimed in at least a half dozen times within the fits few pages. Take a deep breath, The Evernote Team is also reaching out to commenters/users in other ways as well. Seems like an update will be submitted to the App Store soon.
  4. I was excited to learn Evernote was going to update Penultimate. I use Evernote every day – and love it. Penultimate has been handy as well to jot quick notes, make sketches and diagrams, etc. and sync all that information to Evernote. But this update is very disappointing to me and feels, in many ways, like a step backward. I like the some aspects of the clean crisp interface; it matches the design language of iOS 8 pretty well. I also appreciate all the free papers; that's a nice benefit for premium subscribers. Unfortunately, the list of dislikes is a bit longer. Navigation throughout the app will take some getting used to. It's less than intuitive.I'm no longer able to tell Penultimate where to sync to Evernote. I don't want separate notebooks corresponding to each Penultimate notebook in my Evernote stack.The endlessly-scrolling list metaphor is far less efficient than the previous page-flipping metaphor, especially since the thumbnail view has been removed. Navigating long notebooks is tedious.And the two-finger scrolling? Not a fan.It's not clear how to insert or move pages. Was this feature removed? If so, this is an example of a step backward.Another step backward seems to be the inability to resize inserted photos.To add insult to injury, the help database wouldn't load; no assistance there, I guess...
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