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  1. If I then try and merge the 2 notes, I can indeed get a note which, after hovering, allows me to page through the whole thing, multipage pdf and all. But I can't drag n drop a pdf onto the note nor send an email with a multi page attachment and get the little hovering grafic which allows me to page thru. No grafic appears
  2. I have tried dragging n dropping a pdf of a scanned document onto a note and it will no go into the note, it just make another note beside it in the same notebook
  3. also, now that I am not being blocked, i can tell you that the drag n drop didn't add the second page of the pdf and that sending a different email from another pc produced the same result, only the 1st page of the 2 page pdf pdf arrived
  4. pdf files are quite small, 2 pages only and I am not trying to send you an attachment. The first time I noticed I had a problem, the first, and only, page of the 2 page pdf that arrived had a line at the bottom which said missing viewer for a resource of type application/pdf
  5. I am trying to reply to your post, but the system tells me that an error occurred as spam is suspected. Can you tell me how to stop this?
  6. I have been sending emails into notebooks in my Evernote account and have recently noticed that pdf attachments to those emails often do not fully appear in the note that arrives in the notebook. Sometimes only the first page of the attachment appears, sometime more, but practically never the full attachment. I am using a pc running windows 8.1 and the emails come from MS Outlook 365. Can anyone help?
  7. I am trying to get scanned documents in searchable PDF format from Scansnap directly into an Evernote local inbox notebook. This needs to be local as the documents are highly confidential and I cannot run the risk of someone hacking into them on the cloud, even if I only leave them in a sync'd notebook for a few hours, before I move them into their local noteook destination. I cannot seem to discover the correct pathway to get documents directly into a local notebook. Every time I send the documents to Evernote, they end up in a sync'd default notebook since I cannot make a local notebook a default notebook. Can anyone please help me? I am a free user but I would be quite happy to upgrade to premium if this would help.
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