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  1. REPOSTED from other other forum: Jamie, Overall, good posting. I appreciate the fact that your company has acknowledged the mistake of a premature release, and I am also happy that you are moving forward with repairs. The rest of this I intend as constructive criticism. Please heed it. 1. You rushed to a release the first time. Your posting indicates you are rushing to a second release. The first rush was a mistake. Isn’t it a mistake to repeat the same activity again? 2. You and your company have still not answered the hundreds of pleas of making the old Penultimate version available until the release is completed. Why? If there is a good reason, why not just state it? 3. By my observation, as well as the feedback others have already posted here, your new release is only addressing parts of the lost functionality of the old version. Why? If you are sorry you lost touch with your customers before, why are you not listening to that part of it now? 4. My suggestion is simple: re-release the old version until you have taken the time to make ALL of the necessary fixes to the new version and you have adequately beta tested it to make sure it meets customer needs and desires, then release it. Your announcement of an apology only goes part way. You need to rebuild the bridge to your customer base in a way that we will trust that you know what you are doing. Rushing to get a partial fix out is worrisome, and I fully understand why some people feel they need an alternative product rather than continue to ride the roller coaster with you. I have been a loyal customer until now. I switched to GoodNotes yesterday. It’s not to late for me to switch back, and I prefer to, but if this goes on much longer, I will have too many notes in another format and too much vested in another path. Give us all a reason to stick with you — I’m not quite hearing it yet.
  2. This solution may work for some. It did not work for me, because the deleted file will not be recognized on my iTunes as coming from an "authorized account." I have two apple IDs, and they are unable to resolve the issue to have them reconcile to allow Penultimate 5.x to be restored. I suspect there are a large number of us in the same boat: the only way we will get 5.x back is if the Evernote team allows us to re-download it. There have been several requests to do just that, but so far, they have not acknowledged that we are making the request or whether or not they can or intend to fulfill it. For the one non-Evernote forum poster who keeps reminding us that they don't think the team can do that, I hear you, but since you aren't at Evernote, I would prefer to have them answer rather than have you continue to cheerlead for them in their inexcusable silence. You know who you are.
  3. I switched to GoodNotes, and I posted the migration instructions elsewhere on this site.
  4. Evernote has neglected to answer the hundreds of pleas to re-post the old version for those of us who need it. I regret that my only alternative was to switch to a competitor: As of this morning, I now have paid $5.99 for Goodnotes. I was one of the lucky ones to have my files synced with Evernote. To get my 700+ work files from Evernote to Goodnotes, I used CloudHQ to synchronize Evernote to Google Drive, and then imported all of the Google Drive contents into Goodnotes. The previous Penultimate files appear as pdf files that you cannot modify for your prior entries, but you can add to them. I wish I had switched sooner. Goodnotes does pretty much everything that Penultimate 5.x did without the "downgrades" in Penultimate 6.0 (but with a similar look and feel to 5.x), and it also has a lot of features that Penultimate did not have. Sorry Penultimate and Evernote, but "bye bye" for your lack of responsiveness in restoring 5.x to us as we overwhelmingly requested.
  5. Phil Libin, Evernote's CEO hasn't exactly been silent: https://twitter.com/plibin/status/534378189934440449 That being said, he hasn't been specific about how they are going to respond in practice, but he has not been "silent". OK, you win. He answered somewhere where I wasn't expecting him to answer. I would think that he would either post something on his main website or on this forum, where people are looking for responses. I suppose I should not only have ESP to understand the unintuitive commands on an app released with no documentation, but I should use that same ESP to know that I should check for progress reports on Twitter.
  6. To your CEO: Your silence on the fix for this mess is inexcusable. Your corporation has demonstrated poor values. All it takes is you to say: We screwed up. We are sorry. We are working to give you 5.x back until 6.x is fully functional. We will provide free customer support to help fix it. If you do that, you retain credibility and your customer base. If you don't, you are a goner in a competitive market. Show some guts and do the right thing.
  7. I had to get back to work, so I knuckled under and decided to restore 6.x, figuring it was better than no app at all. I still could not the Penultimate 5.x ipa file removed from my computer so that it could sync. I also could not find 6.x directly listed on the app store any longer, so here is how I restored: I found 6.x indirectly, by searching the internet for "best handwriting iPad apps." Among the others, penultimate (with the 5.x icon) appeared, so I clicked on it and it took me to the app store and there was the 6.x version that I couldn't find elsewhere. I downloaded it. iTunes would still not sync with my computer, and it couldn't delete the non-functional 5.x icon, so I decided to backup to the iCloud with 5.x marked for deletion. That worked. Once that occurred, I was able to start syncing with BOTH the iCloud and iTunes on the computer, because the 5.x was then gone, The suboptimal 6.x is on the iPad now. I'm still unhappy with it, but I'm limping along with it until the development team restores the lost functionality in their next version. I'm just passing this technique to you in case anyone ended up in the same syncing nightmare that I did and wasn't able to sort it out. Tom
  8. I am using the latest version of iTunes and IOS and using the latest Mac OS. I am trying to change back to the prior version of Penultimate. I had already backed up with the new version, so I had to use the instructions above to attempt to transfer the old Penultimate version from my trash folder and drop it into the iTunes folder. That got it there successfully. Now the new problem: in trying to sync, I get the error message that says "computer no longer authorized to sync with this computer." i followed instructions and re-authorized this computer with my original iTunes ID (I will call ID 1) and it said computer was already authorized as 5 of 5. Then, because along the way some time ago, I had ended up with a second ID ( I will call ID 2) I re-authorized my computer and it said it was already authorized 1 or 5. I tried signing out and back in on the Ipad and Mac using ID1 and trying again, then with ID2 and trying again. No luck. I also tried rebooting the Mac and trying again, and signing in and out as administrator and trying again. So here I sit, with the 5.x version sitting there in the menu and with me unable to sync it, and with the 6.0 gone. I also noticed that the new 6.0 is not in the app store any longer, so there is no way to download that now. Any ideas? As much as the 6.X version has problems and dysfunctionalities, I would rather have that working for work tomorrow than having nothing. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thanks!
  9. Bob67: How did you restore the old version? Thanks, Tom
  10. I agree with the previous post. If there is a means of "downgrading" back to the prior version, I would prefer that. My critique items: 1. You rolled this out without sufficient documentation on how it works. It is NOT intuitive. 2. Your "support" function has taken a dive for the worse: before, I was pleased to deal with you because I could write in and ask questions. Now I have to be gouged $5 a month to become a premium member of Evernote, an app I bought, but don't really need or want. I do need and want the exact functionality I had in the last Penultimate version. 3. The two finger scroll method is awkward and caused a lot of unintended extra marks for unsuccessful scroll attempts. Each mark requires me to go into a menu and then "undo", which is time-consuming and cumbersome. 4. The "improved" indexing seems to have lower functionality. Maybe there are functions you have chosen not to document anywhere that are super duper, but since they are not national security secrets, how about posting them in a current user guide so we can know them too? (By the way, who is the Einstein that decided to roll out a new product and keep the old user guide on the support page?) 5. All of my existing files defaulted to the largest new font size. If you were going to change my existing files without my knowledge or permission, you should have given me a way to modify all of them back. The most important part of my critique: I think it is nothing but company greed to change the product in a way that requires me to ask for more help, and then suddenly start charging for that help. I used to wholeheartedly recommend this app to professional colleagues and friends and family. You have probably gotten 50-100 sales due to my referrals. I am currently shopping for a replacement app because of the breach of trust of this "gouging."
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