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  1. I use an Eye-Fi card for my camera (just started researching how to scan directly to EN). As far as maintaining an access point, I have some old Android cell phones that I kept when I swtiched service. They weren't worth much to exchange or sell, os I use them as protable computing devices around the house (remote controls, calculators, etc). I have one that just sits in my network closet plugged into my router running the eye-fi app. Low power consumption and whenever I came home my camera automatically starts uploading to my photo site. I also run DropBoxSync which separately syncs folders on the phone to Dropbox, so I end up with two copies stores in different services. I'm changing my approach with DB as the free space I had expired. I'm just going to run a small script on my pc to download copies to a harddrive and then delete them from DB. With photos, I have to do this often, but with scanned docs, you can probably go quite a while before you filled up the free space.
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