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  1. Hi, I guessed that you guy did not test your new Penultimate with Adonit Jot Stylus on ipad air 2. It is terrible.
  2. Recently, many people complain about problems with Penultimate/Noteshelf/Goodnotes and Adonit jot script/Wacom on Pad Air 2 with offset, skipping, high/low letters... https://getsatisfaction.com/adonit Adonit confirmed that new bonding screen of iPad air 2 caussed the problems and they has been updated new SDK (on public on last Friday), so that apps developers (Penultimate/Noteshelf/Goodnotes) could put that new SDK in their apps to fix problems. Till now, there are no one among apps developers release new update apps with Adonit SDK in. Whene is new Penultimate udated? Thanks.
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