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  1. While installing the latest version for MacOS I was prompted for my password because the installer was asking permission to "install a new helper tool". What is this tool?
  2. I recently upgraded to the professional edition but may need to cancel or at least stop using Evernote for work. The problem is that the encryption solution I have found - encrypting each note individually - is really not very workable. Evernote should offer something along the lines of what LastPass does for its password sharing. That is let users create a master password or pass phrase. They are responsible for keeping track of this password and Evernote never stores it on their systems. When a user starts up Evernote, they are prompted for the master password. Then anything that is transmitted to Evernote is first encrypted with that pass phrase using AES256 or some equally strong encryption. When notes are synced with other devices, the user would also need to provide the pass phrase on the device. The same would apply for the web interface. The key is that Evernote should never store the user's master pass phrases. In the case of notes passed in by email, they would be stored unencrypted until they are synced with a user device. After all, if you are emailing the document you shouldn't be too concerned about encrypting it. If there is other functionality lost due to the lack of access to my notes on Evernote servers, I would be perfectly fine with that. As far as data stored on the device, for me, I am fine if it remains unencrypted on the devices. I just want my information protected when stored on Evernote servers.
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