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  1. Indeed! great, thanks for fast fixes!
  2. This is the biggest issue for me! Big notes won't upload and sync badly. Why? https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/76956-could-not-sync-note-osstatus-error-9800/?locale=en
  3. Got absolutely the same issue! However, after an hour of irritations and trials I succeeded and here is what I think might help you as well: Just in case move all files inside note in another place. I had an issue that app couldn't even locate the audio files I had. I found them manually in /-username-/Library/Containers/com.evernote.evernote and dragged them to the window in Evernote which asked me to locate files. I dragged the files in there since they are in the hidden folder and are not displayed in that window layout. Do some changes within the note (e.g. simple "space" button push in the end of note also accounted for a change) and sync the note (you will get again the problem window). After doing this the Evernote will create a local conflict notebook. Delete the conflict note and empty the trash. Sync again - you should no more get this error window. Now you can move your note from the local conflict notebook back to its initial place. These steps helped me and hope shall to you as well UPDATE: I have the same issue repeating again and again with big notes. Frustrated and going to downgrade until they fix it.
  4. I have just experienced the same issue. Premium membership made me happy for some months. I was recording all my lectures/tutorials and now was one of the most important for me, needed to listen it over after. Of course, the screen was locked and during the lecture two times i have checked whether the recording is going ok, and it was. By the end of the lecture I unlocked the phone and the app freeze. No response. I've seen these bugs before in iOS8, but not in Evernote app. I have locked the phone again and unlocked it and see the app crashing and no audio was saved in the note. VERY much disappointed now. Have tried even seeking the file in Evernote app directory through the mac and no file there.
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