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  1. Sure, it is a workaround, but pretty messy, to say the least. I cannot believe there isn't a simple way to click out of the note and go back to the TOC. Disappointing. Thanks, anyway.
  2. It must be just me not knowing the proper commands, but how do I get back to the Table of Contents note from a particular note once I am in presentation. Long version: To explain better, I create the table of contents note, select it and all the notes that I want to present and start the presentation. But once I click on a link from the Table of Contents, it takes me to that note and then I am stuck there. I can't go back to the Table of Contents. Anyone else has that problem or knows the solution?
  3. Thank you so much, user #142,683. I the trick was in using the Cmd + the arrows. I was trying with just arrows. In the meantime, I used the table of contents and it actually worked great in the meeting because people wanted to jump from theme to theme and I didn't have to scroll back and forth.
  4. This used to work perfectly. Then it didn't. Then it did again. Now it is not working anymore. How do you go from note to note in a presentation mode? I select three notes and try to go through them and no keyboard key will do it. What is happening? Are we back to that stupid "create a table of contents" thing? More and more frustrated with the "improvements". Please help me somebody if anyone knows the answer. I have a presentation to give tomorrow. Ugljesa Janjic
  5. I just had the same problem with scanning business cards: on one scan it took forever to recognize it as a business card and then there was the photo of it but almost all information was missing (no, not due to glare). On the second one, it was again scanning it forever in order to recognize it as a business card, it finally did but populated the information with some other person's information from the same company. LinkedIn? What is happening?!! I am all for improvements but they should be tested thoroughly before releasing un official upgrade. Are they using us as test monkeys so that they can save money on doing the testing themselves? I am also using the latest iOS on an iPhone 6.
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing the presentation mode back to how it used to be!!! I see that CREATE TOC is still there but that is great as an ADDITION to the easy-to-use START PRESENTATION button and scrolling. Thank you for listening to us, the users! That means a lot! Ugljesa
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I just did that (revert back to 5.5.1 and disable automatic app updates!) and it is working like we all want it to work. I will also be holding off from updating the app until they fix this issue. Thanks for pointing that out! So the people who were complaining about not being able to upgrade through the Apple Store. And like you say, I do appreciate all the work you guys are putting in and I love the program. Ugljesa
  8. Is it possible to go back and install an older version of Evernote if we don't like the way this latest one is working?
  9. Kati, I am sorry to be blunt about this but I think this time your reasoning was wrong in guessing what we want. Single note presentations are not even presentations. They are just that: single notes. It just doesn't make any sense. Presentation mode? How ridiculous! You may as well just call it Full Screen note. What for? So wrong of you to assume that. I think most of us were super happy with the way it was. I will put in my vote right here to BRING BACK THE WAY IT WAS. Select all the notes I want to present, then Start Presentation and spacebar or arrow between the notes. THAT was a pretty awesome feature, with the fade out and all. The new way is worth nothing to me. You've created even more clutter now: Note, back arrow to Table of Contents, another note, back arrow to Table of Contents, another note, back arrow to Table of Contents.... All these back arrows to Table of Contents are surplus moves that I just don't understand how they make things easier. It is possible to overthink things sometimes. In my opinion, you were successful at that.
  10. Here are my two cents: The Presentation Mode is not working correctly. If I select more than one note at a time, like you should in order to create a presentation, Evernote opens only the first one and th ere is no way to get to the others. I tried them all, arrows, space bar, etc. Also the Start Presentation button from the middle screen is gone, so you either have to use the cmd-enter or pull down menu. Still it doesn't work. Not to even mention that some annotation tools in presentation mode would be great. I've heard some talk about it but am not sure if this is reality yet. Maybe too much to ask. This function is working on the PC laptops. I guess they haven't "upgraded" yet. Just to let you know. Of course, I have a presentation to give tomorrow... just in time. Oh well...
  11. OK same with me too. I was just preparing my presentation for tomorrow when I noticed that I cannot create one. Same thing. Only the first one shows. And no Start Presentation button here either. I am a Premium subscriber since last summer and this has not been a problem until now. Bummer. I chatted with someone and they said that they will escalate this to the programmers or something. Let's see. Glad I am not the only one. This may help solve it quicker.
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