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  1. Thank you so much, user #142,683. I the trick was in using the Cmd + the arrows. I was trying with just arrows. In the meantime, I used the table of contents and it actually worked great in the meeting because people wanted to jump from theme to theme and I didn't have to scroll back and forth.
  2. This used to work perfectly. Then it didn't. Then it did again. Now it is not working anymore. How do you go from note to note in a presentation mode? I select three notes and try to go through them and no keyboard key will do it. What is happening? Are we back to that stupid "create a table of contents" thing? More and more frustrated with the "improvements". Please help me somebody if anyone knows the answer. I have a presentation to give tomorrow. Ugljesa Janjic
  3. I just had the same problem with scanning business cards: on one scan it took forever to recognize it as a business card and then there was the photo of it but almost all information was missing (no, not due to glare). On the second one, it was again scanning it forever in order to recognize it as a business card, it finally did but populated the information with some other person's information from the same company. LinkedIn? What is happening?!! I am all for improvements but they should be tested thoroughly before releasing un official upgrade. Are they using us as test monkeys so that they
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