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  1. Thanks, I did that and it seemed to work at first but when I tried to use it again it stated that it couldnt be synched - I am trying to use this app to organise myself so it's been a bit frustrating but I think it seems a good app and will try to perservere a bit longer - just too busy atm to have time to play with it - thanks for suggestions
  2. Yes I deleted Evernote then restarted my iphone and then it worked but I don't want to put evernote back on until I know why it did this.
  3. there seems to be NO contact to anyone at evernote only to these forums - so I guess I will have to go to Apple tomorrow and get them to sort this problem out and no I wont be downloading evernote again
  4. I just deleted it - still goes bqack to the evernote page when I try to use the internet - I need urgent remedy for this
  5. I have just downloaded evernote on my iPhone ( I already had it on my Macbook but not used it yet ) I used it on my iphone to save a couple of notes all very well but now when I try to get back on the itnernet I keep getting immediately redirected to evernote and pressing 'cancel' doesnt do anything so I cannot use my phone to browse the internet Why is this ? Should I delete this app from my phone & start again ?
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