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  1. This has been a problem for some time, but because I'm spending most of today trying to edit one note by moving content to other notes, it is excruciatingly slow. I've closed as many open notes as possible, but since I'm cutting, copying and pasting across notes, its inefficient to close more of them. For example, to highlight text, it can take up to 20 seconds. Then I cut, and to paste, it takes another 45 seconds. This is for 2 lines of text. My document is 46 pages long, if it is taking 1 minute to move 2 sentences, at this rate it will take me more than 920 minutes, or over 15 hours, to ed
  2. Hi! Has there been any progress on this? Is there an estimate of when we can start sharing stacks? This would be incredibly beneficial for all the reasons already articulated above.
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