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  1. Thanks but as you might have read above, since they changed my account name it removed premium support...so I have no ability to chat...sigh!!!
  2. Does anyone know how to check the status of a submitted support ticket? I have never worked with a product that allows you to log a support ticket, gives you a ticket number but provides no easy way to check on the status of the submitted ticket. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?
  3. I haven't seen a good solution to the above issue on transfering ownership of a notebook. I'm about to leave my existing company and I have 40+ shared notebooks that have all the account notes for all the deals that I've been working on and need to leave this behind for my teammates. The evernote account is on my personal email (as I used evernote before joining the company). Is there really no way to assign a new owner of my notebooks?
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