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  1. Thank you Scott and Michael.


    I ended up doing something similar to what you suggested Michael. Found an App that allowed me access to the files on the iPad (I backed the iPad up on iTunes before doing this). I navigated to the Evernote folder, and found a Folder called 'pending'. I assume that meant pending upload to the servers. There were individual folders for each of my non-synced notes. I could access the content of the notes, but not the titles, as the folder names were an alpha-numeric hash code, which no doubt are the primary key in the sqlite database. But, that was much easier to recover from memory than my actual notes.


    I have now deleted Evernote from the iPad, and re-installed. It seems to be working fine. But, those notes are lost. I'll have manually re-enter them. Which, won't be so hard since I can copy and paste them now.


    Thank you for all your help again.





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  2. Hello all.


    I am having the same problem reported by others in the forum. My Evernote on the iPad (running iOS 8.1) won't stay open. It will come up, and immediately fall back to the background. If I double tab the home button, I can see the notes I was last working on. I have tried quitting and restarting the App and the iPad. But, that did not help.


    My problem is that I spent four hours working on a plane, and none of my notes from that stretch were synced. Before I uninstall and install Evernote, is there anyway I can recover the notes or force a sync without having the App in the foreground? It seems to me that once I delete the App, all the notes I took that were not synced will be deleted too. I would rather not have to do redo that work.


    Thank you for any help.





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