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  1. DTLow: We put up with this issue not being fixed for far, far, far longer than I've hung around to say my goodbyes. Wouldn't you confess that's true?
  2. Sorry. It's too late for me. I waited (patiently) way to long to get this fundamental capability working. I have moved to Microsoft OneNote and I won't be turning back.
  3. It's too late for me! I waited, and waited, and waited; and as much as I like Evernote, I'm switching to OneNote and never looking back. Sorry.
  4. Great. But do you have an easy way to move 6,000+ notes from Evernote to OneNote?
  5. Is there an intent by Evernote to get the Windows Desktop to print properly with highlighting and underlining--ever? I'm a paying user, not just the free version. Printing seems to be a pretty important function of a note-taking environment, is it not?
  6. My Evernote Outlook extension (for Windows 10 / Outlook 2016) is exhibiting a different problem now. For the last couple of days, every time I try save an email to Evernote, it crashes Outlook. I've tried different emails and always the same result. I have also rebooted my machine, but no change. (My guess is that this has something to do with the latest big update to Windows 10.) The Evernote extension still works on another machine (Windows 8.1 / Outlook 2013) for the same email messages on which it fails under Windows 10 / Outlook 2016. Any ideas!?!
  7. Did you check to see if, when using the latest version of Evernote with Outlook 2016, the Evernote addin is in your "Disabled" list? If it is, you will need to enable it. Check the Microsoft site for instructions on enabling addins in Office 2016 products.
  8. Mine seems to have recovered fully after UNINSTALLING and RE-INSTALLING Evernote. I don't know what broke; but the uninstall/re-install seems to have fixed it. Richard
  9. By the way, one of the reasons I say this might be related to cached data is that I was successfully able to be clip this same email message on another machine running the same version of Evernote (but different OS--Windows 8.1 v Windows 10; and different Outlook--Outlook 2013 v 2016), and I had previously been able to successfully save emails to Evernote from the Win 10 / Outlook 2016 environment. It just seems to have been tripped up by one specific email and now can't recover.
  10. I am using Evernote, and I did get the extension to load. I had to re-enable it, and then activate it. However, it is failing to allow me to clip properly. No matter what I choose from Outlook to save, it gives me the attached error message. It seems like it may be a cache problem, but I don't know how to clear the Evernote cache.
  11. Well, I'm another one who just uipgraded to Outlook 2016 and the Evernote clipper add-in shows active, but I cannot find it the menus or on the ribbon.
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