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  1. Please tell me these are coming soon.
  2. So many reasons this is a good idea. Receipts and invoices come to mind...
  3. I've tried using the much anticipated Reminders feature for a while, but have since given up on it, finding it actually unusable (I don't want to, I'd like to keep using them!) Why? Because they are not handled well by Evernote, and in general they hang around like a bad smell, getting in the way like yesterday's newspaper It seems the only way to get rid of them is to go in and manually delete them – which is really not the way to handle temporal events Here is what I can offer with the time I have available to devote to this issue: Why aren't they in the sidebar, and out of "Notes"? Why isn't there a case for an "expired" (i.e., the date has come and gone), but not marked done reminder? These need their own treatment (i.e., hide them), they don't need to hang around collecting dust – it just makes Reminders unusable Even if you mark them done, they don't go away as they should; and in fact, even so much as clicking on Reminders automatically checks the "Show Recently Completed Reminders" Box ! Are users expected to go into EN and delete reminders after marking them done? If that's the case, why even have a marked done status? TL;DR: Reminders are a very cool idea, need to keep iterating on it, don't just leave as-is to rot! This is a first attempt and there are almost certainly going to be issues like this to fix This analysis is done because I like Evernote and want to see it improve; it's a valuable asset to me and my work, so thanks very much for it
  4. Please delete; I moved this into General Discussion since it applies to more than one operating system
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