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  1. My experience the past year has been good but yesterday as I was typing a sentence, I got 5 duplicate notes. Some notes had been split on the same word in the sentence. I saw the extra notes and because I knew where I was typing the sentence, I was easily able to find the note with the completed sentence and delete the others. (I added "KEEP" to the title of the best one.) Not too bad of an experience but I thought the scenario might be interesting to share. >>1. Is there any possibility of your using the installed desktop client? A complete absence of duplicates is guaranteed!
  2. Here is another thread from 2014 about the duplicate note issue: You can see it is still an active problem, and seems to be related to network connectivity. May I request that in your communication with EverNote, please suggest to that EverNote provide a "diff" functionality so users can easily resolve duplicate notes, and the related problem of conflicts. (Conflicts is the problem of getting the note content copied inside the same not, rather than separate notes.) There are several javascript diff libraries on github, so it seems a reasonable addition to EverNote web pages.
  3. Yes. However, I find it hard to believe it could take 2-3 seconds to write a change to an SSD disk, but networking issues often can take several seconds. My update log for 7/25 through 7/28 only has 32 entries matching "update.*count", and there are only 32 of them (the update count seems to be the count of times an update is done). Assuming about 8 KB per note, well it still does not account for 59 MB. Next week when I can use Evernote again I can use WireShark and other trace tools to log network usage.
  4. Thanks! Activity Log is a nice thing to have! Indeed it seems to be uploading the entire note for every few characters typed. Below where the length decreases (23:11:17, 23:11:29) I was typing faster than it could keep up, and hit a backspace then waited for it to catch up. 23:10:46:519 ... | Saving note ... length of 13160 bytes: 23:10:48:521 ... | Saving note ... length of 13162 bytes: 23:10:55:537 ... | Saving note ... length of 13191 bytes: 23:11:04:560 ... | Saving note ... length of 13210 bytes: 23:11:07:562 ... | Saving note ... length of 13217 bytes: 23:11:09:566 .
  5. When new content is added, does it only update per the sync time preference (e.g. 15 minutes) or does it try to be faster? Today I am at 59.8MB out of 60 MB upload limit. But the size of my saved .enex file (backup of all notes I ever took) is only 4 MB, and I only add plain text (no pictures or formatted text). I have the Mac app sync time set to 15 minutes, but it is often very sluggish, e.g. 10 seconds to respond to typing when I alt-tab between something else and Evernote. Pinging evernote.com takes about 11 ms but it is probably putting the data on another domain. I suspect the slow res
  6. Fwiw, I had this problem a few months ago, but since then EverNote has been working well for me with no duplicate notes. I use the osx app, iPhone app, and chrome browser. Also no more problems with the separate issuer of conflicts. I changed my routine to always leave Evernote on a note I call junk so in case I have the problem again of collisions or dups I won't have any content affected. I have created hundreds of notes on three devices with no problems since using this approach.
  7. Hi Nancy, glad to hear another case of duplicate notes was fixed. Can we get more details about the scenarios the most recent fix has solved? I installed the Evernote app on my macbook, and its UI was helpful in determining which of the 60 notes I should delete. Maybe it will be less susceptible to duplicates and conflicts. Is there a UI coming to resolve conflicts? I am new to Evernote and end up with some of my notes being a set of duplicate notes. Just google "javascript diff" to see many projects for UI tools to help resolve conflicts.
  8. I had this problem of duplicate notes again today. About 60 duplicate notes were created. >>Multiple browser tabs were open with the note being editedNo, only one (1). I got burned with Evernote silently duplicating the entire note inside itself many times.I don't know exactly what causes it, but obviously it is a lot of work to try to compare so I try to be very careful.Others report that Evernote has no ability to edit notes at the same time, and has no ability to merge changes.The least it could do is have a warning that another editing session is occurring. >>Other people wer
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