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  1. Thank you very much DTLow for your quick reply and spot on advice. It was very easy indeed. Cheers Freddy
  2. Hello, I created a new notebook and wish to incorporate it into an existing stack of related notebooks. I must have a Snior Moment as I cannot find a way to do that simple task. Thank you for any help. Freddy
  3. Awesome. It all worked very well with your solution, together with the help of Evernote Support team that has also been extremely helpful. Thank you again for your kind assistance and expertise. My local folder has got back its 140 private files. Awesome! I will definitely start backing up my local notebook from now on and try figuring out your script to automate the process. Best regards Frederic
  4. Well, thank you ever so much for this new clarification and hope! I will try to do this tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
  5. By the way, since I do have regular Time Machine Back-Up on an external Hard Drive, is there a way that I could retrieve the Evernote Database and get back my Private Files saved on the Local Notebook? Thank you.
  6. Thank you for your quick reply. I guess I have a lot to learn more about Evernote. Yes, I realize that my Private Notebook was "LOCAL", but I did not expect that the files were in a database and I would not know where to look or how to back it up anyway. Thanks again.
  7. Hello, After my Evernote Mac 6.10 crashed for no apparent reason, it re-started to synchronize and all standard notebooks and files seem to have been recovered, EXCEPT for my Private Notebook that shows only 19 files while it contained hundreds before the crash! I was under the impression that all files of my Private Notebook were stored on my Hard Drive on my MacBook Pro? Where can one find them? Meanwhile, since I re-started Evernote, the Blue Sync Wheel is continuously turning. My Evernote keeps crashing from time to time and at every restart, the Sync Wheel keeps turning on
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