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  1. They don't even care. We (Firefox users) are waiting for so long for a proper extension and we keep getting buggy 'betas'. After 1.5 months with the last horribly buggy extension they gave us a new completely broken one. Pretty sure they didn't even test it. You show no respect to your customers. That's pure trolling, not something you should expect from professionals.
  2. Firefox 36 beta 3 - Evernote beta (Jan 27): Can't even log in: Can't disable "Show related results". Seriously... Come on guys. Geez.
  3. Can confirm both problems. I have the "no Internet connection" error using the beta from addons.mozilla.org with Firefox Nightly on Win 8.1 x64 and slow browsing.
  4. Is there a direct link to the latest xpi? I can't download it, no matter what browser I use. It stucks on the spinning balls. EDIT: Never mind, I finally got it working. I signed in again, revoked access to any Firefox Web Clipper extension and... voila, the new beta appeared. (For some strange reason.)
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