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  1. Dear Evernote, My research shows that printing has not worked for years, since others have posted about the exact same concern years ago. Please add the print button and please update the help section so that the information matches with what is actually there. The help section indicates to go to the Menu Bar. There is no menu bar. Please add that menu bar. There is no bar whatsoever except for an editing bar, which has no printing options. There is nothing labeled menu bar or labeled file or labeled print, either visible or beneath a layer of other menus. If you choose not to allow a printing button, I understand you are Evernote and it is your prerogative. However, at minimum, I ask that you indicate that in the help section, so that no wild geese are chased. Thank you kindly, Your Friend in Note-taking, Richard McCollim
  2. Hi. How do you cut and paste a larger section than 1 line/paragraph of Evernote, on Android? Select all or drag and copy all button?
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