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  1. Premium user here, got to agree with the points made by Skellam. I don't need another messaging system, and especially one that requires the other party to install software and sign up to a service ? They've already done that for their other systems, why force them to do it for another propriety system ? Its a very early 90's approach. Evernote used to be king in this space, but if you annoy your user base there are plenty of alternates to flick to. I just cant comprehend how evernote can mess up so badly. You were in a good space with your users, plenty of word of mouth recommendations. Not so much anymore.
  2. Also +1 for being able to configure the bar and remove the button. Currently an evernote premium user, would quite like to be able to configure the product to my spec. rather than have features forced on me. Doesnt seem a great way to enable a good user experience.
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