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  1. Hi, I have a couple of requests for Business Card Scanning function which I think would be useful for everybody using the function: 1. After scanning a business card, OCR does a great job and the card window comes up. Before saving the card I would like to take my notes, add tags, chose notebooks so that I can organize the cards, add reminders much faster. Currently you have to a. click "Save" b. Click "Done" on pop-up menu c. Find the note, click on the note. d. Click "edit" and then add a tag, ar add note on the card screen. I mean why? I should be able to do i
  2. I'm a premium user, using Evernote for annotating PDF's on OSX 10.11.5. There is a problem on "fullscreen mode", once I start annotating on full screen, as soon as I switch between spaces- for ex. for checking some info on browser - annotation window disappears and I have to go back to app reopen the annotation window. It's very annoying, preventing working on multiple sources. Is this a known problem? I thought installing Skitch may solve the problem but annotation window does not launch on Skitch app.
  3. Hi, The auto scan function is really great on Evernote! I have only one outstanding problem with that, which is: Linkedin token expires almost anytime I open the app. It would be great if I wouldn't have to login a complex password each time I want to connect with somebody after closing the app following card scan. Nevertheless, main point of this message is not that. The Auto Mode is great! What would be even better is to be able to SCAN MULTIPLE CARDS AT ONCE and then maybe edit them individually as usual. Is there any ongoing work around that? Another great feature would also
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