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  1. thanks for your help gazumped. i will try to reinstall the web clipper. thanks for the reminder. but i feel that it's not about the web clipper, because the notes look fine when i use the desktop evernote. only have problem when i sign in using evernote web Ezra H. sorry to hear you have same frustration like me. evernote team try to help but i thought they are not really get to the point. keep on asking me to change the browser delete catches etc. sine i use evernote web to edit my note in different places and different computer, the browers are different, new and upgraded.
  2. oh no. gazumped It's too early for me to feel happy.....when i ready to type and edit my note, it looks ok for about 3-4 seconds....then it goes back to 30-40% of article. it means that i paid the plus plan ....but it's useless becuase i can't retrieve the article i clipped and make notes. that's frustrating. do you know anyone experinece the same issue? what's the point to pay evernote plus plan, but end up i am not able to get my note back online whenever / wherever i like?
  3. thanks for your promopt help gazumped. my laptop is new so chrome is new version (i guess). when i use the desktop app, it's ok to clip the article and i checked them after finish, all contents are fine. then when i log in using chrome browser (web everntoe), wow...many of the notes ...contents are missing. I was horrified becuase i need to retrieve and edit my notes from time to time in different location. so i rely a lot on web evernote when i am not at home. i tried to test it out in different computer in different location (using evernote web), sta
  4. Help! I use web clipper to save articles (simplified article), then when i check the notes from evernote desktop, it's ok can see the full artcile But many of the times i move around so need to use different computer, then when i log in evernote web, many of the contents of my notes were missing. I mean only show half of the article or few paraphraphs, some even only show the feature picture without the remainning of articles. so what's the point to clip articles if i can't retrieve the articles back from my notebook? Anybody can help? thanks a
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