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  1. When trying Evernote Clipper Beta, it was not functional at all for my purposes and I went back to the old version. The following were meant to be an ordered list. But because the "paste" function does not work here, the content is out of order and I'm too lazy to retype the content under the correct heading. BUGS examples cut & copy works, but paste does not work here ... DESIRED FEATURES examples at least 5 levels of sub-notebooks at least 5 levels of indentation for bulleting full tree of notebooks and links expand ALL button collapse ALL button radio button at front of each notebook and entry to toggle expand and collapse ... ERGONOMIC CONSIDERATIONS examples filling the screen with user "desired" information concisely and compactly white space in a linked list is hugely annoying an outline format mode for notes with tab and shift-tab indentation an option to find and remove duplicate spaces (trivial example) when installing Evernote Clipper, automatically look for all browsers and provide User option to install on all at same time provide side-by-side linked lists with checkboxes to allow crosslinking information under a new notebook (project) provide a 3D iink explore interface based upon layers, transparency, and scale w/ adjacent web page preloading USEFUL graphical interface that allow "dynamically correlating" link information to work similar as to how the brain works The 3D interface allows for relating to a cross-section of research w/o getting side-tracked as new pages are explored ... POTENTIAL MECHANISMS TO MAKE BOTH EVERNOTE & USER MONEY examples User and every link registered with Google Adwords w/ option to make user links public Option for User to charge public for access to their linked lists ...
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