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  1. As the thread starter and someone who’s been very vocal about the inconveniences caused by this feature, I want to take the time to acknowledge that Evernote 6.0.7 for Mac solves my problem. The toolbar can now be customized, meaning I can remove the Work Chat button and never see it again. Thanks for listening, Evernote.
  2. And you know this because you are the supreme arbiter of human emotions or because anyone who feels differently than you or outside of the bounds that you define as reasonable is wrong? Point is, you're stating as fact something that you cannot possibly know.
  3. How charitable. Must be. A broken implementation of a feature that has loyal users decamping to OneNote can’t be that bad at all. I'm pretty sure they aren't a charity. How many users decamping to OneNote? I was referring to how gracious they are by allowing me to discuss something. About 136.
  4. How charitable. Must be. A broken implementation of a feature that has loyal users decamping to OneNote can’t be that bad at all.
  5. Simply not true - there is a whole thread pinned to the top of this forum about Work Chat that includes a number of contributions from Evernote on this subject - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/72556-introducing-work-chat/ Whether you like what they are doing or not, you can't accuse them of not being engaged. Fair enough, I’ll admit I haven’t noticed that. However you'll notice that in their interactions, the idea of letting users disable Work Chat is off limits. It’s not even mentioned.
  6. This thread was started 96 days ago. That Evernote has paid absolutely zero attention to this issue since is, I think, all you need to know about where there priorities lie, and it's not with their users. Would explain why they go out of their way to be so opaque and unreachable.
  7. [ Emphasis mine. ] People can't articulate it — so what? I don't think it's required that we be able to articulate it. As you mention yourself, a lot of people want it disabled. That should be enough. A lot of 'articulations' of preferences are mostly things our logical brain makes up anyway, we don't really ever fully know why we like certain things and not others. This does not invalidate the preferences in question. Why do you love one person and not another? You can try 'articulating' it but you won't get to the heart of the matter. Additionally, lots of people have articulated why, in this very thread. It is invasive (cosmetically and psychologically)It is too close to other functionsThe inability to customize a toolbar is non-native behaviour, at least on a MacIt feels like Evernote is shoving this feature down our throats when it is neither needed nor wanted
  8. I find it remarkable that Evernote pays zero attention to feedback… Is there even a mechanism by which they pretend to solicit user feedback? As for myself, pretty much the second the Mac and iOS versions of OneNote get audio recordings I am out.
  9. That’s a shame. I am certain that this 'Work Chat' is a great tool but there are two fundamental problems with it: 1. It's fairly aggressive to shove major features in people’s faces like that, especially when 2. Some of us use Evernote to do intimate, personal creative work. The Evernote window is a safe space and even the suggestion of outside interference is enough to threaten the perceived safety of the workspace that we inhabit for so many hours a day. Here's hoping that an update rectifies this by giving us the ability to opt out. I'm sure this sounds batshit crazy to some of you but it would be enough to quit Evernote, and I've been a user since Evernote was in beta in 2008.
  10. How do I get rid of the new 'Work Chat' button in the Mac Client's toolbar? I don't want it and I don't want to have to see it. There should be a way to disable the feature and any of its mentions wholesale. If it takes a Premium subscription to be able to get rid of Work Chat, I will pay for Premium just to have that. I know I can just 'not use it' – but that's not enough.
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