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  1. Nope, no button to submit. I get three dropdowns, some advice about where to go for help and at the bottom of the form:
  2. When I click sign in I am taken straight to my online Evernote account. When I return to the Help Centre I am signed out again
  3. Will do but the link does not appear to offer any way to 'create a support ticket'. I get some drop downs about the problem and then the option to do a search, talk to other users, upgrade to premium for chat or upgrade to premium to email. I am premium.
  4. I'm taking snapshots on my iPhone version of Evernote, and when they sync to Mac the images are stretched. They appear fine when viewed in presentation mode Anyone else getting this? ioS version is mac version is 6.9 the images are pages from an Evernote Moleskin notebook
  5. Evernote is brilliant but you're too willing to accept changes to the UI in new versions. Yesterday it was not being able to print from the beta web version. Fair enough it is a beta but obviously needs fixing right? Now the email which is clearly going to annoy people. While I am one of Evernote's biggest ambassadors in my organisation, most people I work with don't use it. So, just confirm again - to use 'Work Chat' you are going to enforce someone not using the service to sign up? If so you need to put email sharing on an equal footing because that aint gonna happen!
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