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  1. fyi here's the latest reply from my support ticket. Guess that's it Tim Nov 07 03:44 Hello, well, that's bad news. When I bought my scanner, upload to Evernote was advertised as a key function...I'm not really planning on buying a new card plus a subscription service as a workaround. So just to get this straight for me: All the 3rd party scanners using your cards (like Doxy Go or Xerox) won't be uploading data directly to Evernote anymore? Regards Tim George Nov 07 16:14 Hi Tim, Unfortunately that is the case here. You don't need to use the Mobi system to do this still. You can still do a slight workaround by incorporating Drop Box into your workflow, with IFTTT and SmugMug. Essentially you would need to use Dropbox on the computer as your destination folder, and then you can use IFTTT from there to post to SmugMug. I apologize for the inconvenience of this. Kind Regards, Eyefi Customer Care
  2. Hello! Last week my workflow (Xerox Scanner with Eye-Fi Card -> Direct Upload to Evernote without PC) stopped working. I tested around and finally opened a ticket with the Eye-Fi support. They told me that eye-fi is about to decommission Evernote support and suggest buying a new card and their subscription service as a workaround. From what I understand, this will affect all Doxy Go and Xerox workflows. Does anyone have a good non-eye-fi way to directly upload to evernote from a scanner without the PC involved? Cheers Tim FYI, here is what the support guy wrote to me: George Nov 04 11:40 Hello, I am sorry to say but we are decommissioning the upload of photos to Evernote via Eyefi's online sharing service (OLS). We understand that this might be a problem for your workflow so we wanted to let you know that we do have a solution utilizing IFTTT and our newest Mobi card and cloud service. With IFTTT you can easily create a note with an image attachment on Evernote whenever a photo is uploaded to the Eyefi Cloud. You can learn more at https://ifttt.com/ and view the recipe at https://ifttt.com/recipes/191423-eyefi-to-evernote-image-note. Utilizing IFTTT does require an Eyefi Mobi card and a subscription to Eyefi Cloud. If you do not already have a Mobi card, go to http://en.eyefi.com/buy-now and use code EVERNOTE at checkout for 20% off before November 30, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that you will continue to use Eyefi in the future. Sincerely, George Senior Support rep Eyefi Customer Care
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