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  1. Here we are a couple of weeks following my initial concern. I appreciate the comments and suggestions; I have followed each and every one - and nothing has changed. App every 4 days I have to download yet another copy of Evernote, now I'm swapping Evernotes direct site and iTunes App Store; no improvement in stability. This is starting to become a joke. While I appreciate the capabilities of Evernote, who needs the waste of time and frustration involved? looking at alternatives. Microsoft's OneNote looks interesting. Peter
  2. I currently use EN on 3 devices: Mac (Yosemite), iPhone (8.1) and Samsung Note 3. Everything has been running well until about 10 days ago (some days past Yosemite upgrade). Both mobile devices: Every time I use EN, it closes down for unexplainable reasons. When re-activated it comes up with a message about 'closed down unexpected and needed to report back to EV'. Annoying, but not disasterous. Today when I tried to open EN on the Mac, I got the following message : "You can't open the application "Evernote" because it may be damaged or incomplete" And alarm bells started to ring Does this mean I can't trust that information in EN? And should change to another more stable solution? Or are there problems with Yosemite/8.1 which EN haven't fixed yet because they have do not have enough resources to keep everything up to date, and that it will be fixed 'eventually'? Anybody have a suggesting? Thank you in advance, Peter
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