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  1. +1 for zero knowledge notebook level bla bla bla... obviously there is more than adequate demand for this feature to be supported, since it's not implemented yet we have to look for reasons why... 1. it's hard... well yeah... it is, but time+available resources bla bla bla... it would have be done by now anyhow... so it's not that 2. they don't want to, because it would compromise the indexing... not a real reason... they are not indexing any data which is not on servers now, are they? 3. outside pressure... this one seems the only realistic one to me, if legally they are given only the option to implement inherently compromised encryption solution they face the hard choice... either do it the way they don't want to either not to do it at all... if this is the case it becomes apparent why this matter still is not addressed. P.S. it's clear that many people have expressed their urge, and it has been heard, and little has been done... there is an obvious business potential and as soon as (and if) adequate means will be available the service will be provided, as to what can be done... I think to average user it remains only to wait... maybe occasional cry on the forum so the issue is not forgotten... all this obviously is fan fiction... I in no way am involved in the matter, I'm a mere user who wandered in here from google investigating if notes can be encrypted.
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