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  1. I've got another question on this release. In the old search box I used to have access to the list of my recent searches. It was useful to be able to modify a recent temporary search, or to switch between a few recent searches that I don't really want to save permanently. Has this feature gone away?
  2. I'd like to add my voice to the "All Tags" Removal. When I create a new tag it's typically while creating or editing a note. At some point in the future I go to the All Tags window and sort and organize the new tags. The absence of the "All Tags" view is disrupting that workflow. Going back and sorting tags in a vertically scrolling list is far more difficult than being able to spread the "All Tags" window into a big window to sort the new tags or re-organize others. This change has altered my workflow within the first day or so of using it. I now find that when adding new tags it is easier to go to the tags list and navigate to the location where I want the new tag to reside and then create it. I then go back to my note and reenter that new tag in the note. I'm finding this additional step disruptive when working on a note and adding new tags. All because it has become tedious to navigate the tags list. I'm being torn away from my note editing to deal with sorting a tag.
  3. I've gone through my own version of the process detailed in this thread once before after my Evernote Load/Unload time had increased to ~5 minutes. I exported my database, and then uninstalled Evernote along with making sure that Evernotes database files were also deleted. I then reinstalled Evernote and allowed it to repopulate the database. I thought that solved the problem as the Evernote Load/Unload was quick again. That was in early September 2014. At this point in time the Evernote Load/Unload times have again increased to ~4 minutes, and seem to be increasing more every day. I often have DebugView from SysInternals running and here are the Evenote logs that seem to be the point where it's getting stuck during the Load/Unload process. Unload: 00000001 12:20:00 PM [4552] CBaseController::CloseBase: executed in 236.561947 sec 00000002 12:20:00 PM [4552] CMainFrame::OnDestroy: executed in 236.562104 sec Load: 00000038 12:32:43 PM [5792] # DeliverBaseOpenedNotifications: [inAppMessageController] executed in 225.022954 sec I'm using Evernote on Windows 7 Pro. It appears to me that repopulating the Database is only a temporary fix, and the real issue is still lurking about. This evernote database is also synced with another computer (one at work and one at home) The only computer that I've had issues with is the work computer. The other computer stills loads and unloads Evernote quickly. Update: I've just loaded the 5.7.2 update which has apparently fixed the issue. Evernote took ~10 minutes to response after updating, Once it came up though, shutdown and startup times were now quick when they were taking ~5 minutes for each.
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