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  1. I've got another question on this release. In the old search box I used to have access to the list of my recent searches. It was useful to be able to modify a recent temporary search, or to switch between a few recent searches that I don't really want to save permanently. Has this feature gone away?
  2. I'd like to add my voice to the "All Tags" Removal. When I create a new tag it's typically while creating or editing a note. At some point in the future I go to the All Tags window and sort and organize the new tags. The absence of the "All Tags" view is disrupting that workflow. Going back and sorting tags in a vertically scrolling list is far more difficult than being able to spread the "All Tags" window into a big window to sort the new tags or re-organize others. This change has altered my workflow within the first day or so of using it. I now find that when adding new tags it is easier to go to the tags list and navigate to the location where I want the new tag to reside and then create it. I then go back to my note and reenter that new tag in the note. I'm finding this additional step disruptive when working on a note and adding new tags. All because it has become tedious to navigate the tags list. I'm being torn away from my note editing to deal with sorting a tag.
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