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  1. Thanks Jefito for the clarification on your key sequence - sorry I misread your original post. Regarding tab order, I too am a professional software developer (with several decades experience in fact), and I've always given the UI the highest priority in every client application I've worked on, because that's primarily what systems get judged on (OK, maybe UI comes after crashing ;-) ). I well understand "tab order hell" makes for hard decisions, but that doesn't excuse any developer from thinking about it each time they make a system change which affects tab order. It's also worth mentioning that tab order becomes even more important when there are no keyboard shortcuts to facilitate direct access to commonly-used features. The prima facie case for using Evernote is to edit notes, yet there is apparently no keyboard shortcut for doing so. Stranger still, there are keyboard shortcuts to many ancillary features (eg. tags, title renaming, etc). But still nothing to facilitate the app's primary purpose. That's just plain weird! An unpredictable and apparently-neglected tab order simply makes the matter worse. If anyone from Evernote is reading this, please can you lodge a feature request to review the Windows client's keyboard shortcuts ASAP? The last thing I want is to offend the often-overworked developers, but we the users really need just an hour of 2 of their expertise to fix this functionality gap. Evernote is such a great idea, and it needs only a tiny bit more effort to make its execution just as great :-)
  2. That's strange - when I press F2, then Tab, the next selected control is the left-most pane containing shortcuts, notebooks, etc. For me, F3 ("add a tag") is the control before the editing pane. Even more strangely, it seems as though there are multiple tab groups eg. if you select the Note List, then keep pressing Tab, it's only 4 presses to get back to the Note List, and it never selects the Note Title. In other words, depending on what you currently have selected, it's impossible to tab to quite a number of controls. Very weird and non-intuitive design!
  3. Is there a keyboard shortcut for just editing the current note in the Windows desktop client? The KB article "What are the keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows" has shortcuts to set focus to just about everything EXCEPT the editing area! I've discovered that if I first press F3 to add a tag, and then press either Esc or Tab, focus moves to the editing area, but this is a kludge at best. What am I missing?!
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