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  1. This issue has been affecting me quite a lot recently, and I see from my notes that it was also an issue in February this year. (Not that it wasn't at other times, just these are times when I got worked up enough to make notes, and now to post!) Although there are far too few data points to go on it does seem others have posted in this thread at those times ... which supports my belief it's related to server load issues ... in that when Evernote's servers are slow to respond it exposes bugs in the web client design. This is what I observe (new web client only; I don't think I've seen this in the old web client although I do revert to it for various features): Very occasionally I get an error message - a red banner "failed to save note ..." (or failed to delete) which disappears before I can screen-capture it. But usually no error indication at all Often accepts edits and appears to be saving (tick mark with circular animation), but multiple copies eventually show up with different amounts of the typed text, as many have described in this thread Sometimes tag edits, reminder date changes and folder moves do not get applied: they are displayed for a few seconds then the note reverts to what it had before The duplicate notes are not in a logical time order (assuming the note display is in time order), ie the most complete note is not necessarily the most recent. It's as if the notes are sorted only to a granularity of 1 minute. I can't comment on this, appealing though it sounds: What I think is happening is that the web client saves to the server every few seconds (as it should), and when there is a timeout due to slow server performance, the following happens: Edits to the note body get treated as a note conflict and the server saves a new note Edits to tags, reminder dates and folder moves just get lost (which is worse than raising a edit conflict) Under unknown rare conditions, the server end actually reports an error to the client And when you manually refresh the web client some time, all the conflicted notes are shown - except that the web interface does not seem to do anything to mark note conflicts. edit: I should answer the questions from the first page: I avoid having multiple Evernote tabs for this reason No Windows or Mac clients open Android client running but not open No noticeable connectivity issues at my end No shared notes Browser Firefox 47 (currently) on KDE Linux
  2. I wouldn't call that a "home page" as such, since it always displays exactly one note (or none eg if there are no notes in a selected notebook, or search). Rather it's a layout with additional panels - which the new web client does not have, but certainly could. In the old web client you could have a side panel listing all shortcuts, all notebooks and all tags - expandable / collapsible - as well as the list of notes in the selected notebook or search (including tag search). I think that should be brought back in the new web client. Would that meet your need?
  3. I have this issue too - also Linux, although that shouldn't be significant, and also using Firefox which could be significant. Search text handling is still a long way behind what was possible in the old web client.
  4. I often want to save just the title and URL of a page. (This is what "bookmark" has meant since the dawn of browsing!) This was easy in the previous version of Web Clipper but seems not to be possible now - is it? I don't want a page image, I don't want some of the page text - they are nearly always useless. If I want part of the article, I'll make a selection and clip it - that works fine and always has. Or, if I want a pretty-looking bookmark that I'm not going to edit I don't really need Evernote - I'll use Pocket or something. Now, the new note has weird embedding formatting and I have to delete the unwanted content or (sometimes and) clear the formatting from it, so that I can add my own text to the note (in Firefox web client). Or just delete it (on the Android client which doesn't have the "clear formatting" capability). If I just try typing after the clipped "bookmark", it's stuck on the right hand side with no spacing (as if the return key is ignored). This is a waste of time on nearly every bookmark note ... and Evernote is not where I choose to waste time. If it's not possible in 6.0.15, is there a chance of restoring the capability?
  5. Both these bugs were fixed in an update that reached my device about 24 hours ago. All is good.
  6. Using the Android client v6.1 Since sometime in the past few days (since the 'tags' icon appeared, which is a welcome addition, thanks!) I've had the following bug: When you change the date of an existing reminder the current date and time is lost. It always shows 08:00 Today, as if you were adding a reminder date where there wasn't one. This fails the use case of "remind me in one hour" or "remind me at the same time tomorrow" etc. The previous behaviour was to show the currently set reminder date and time, which is what it should do. Does anyone else see this? Second bug: If you click cancel the reminder date is removed. That is not what cancel means - if the dialogue is supposed to remove the reminder date (a valid action) the label should be 'Remove'. Anyway, I am pretty sure that previously it would cancel the dialogue and leave the existing reminder date and time in place. Thanks!
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