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  1. This issue has been affecting me quite a lot recently, and I see from my notes that it was also an issue in February this year. (Not that it wasn't at other times, just these are times when I got worked up enough to make notes, and now to post!) Although there are far too few data points to go on it does seem others have posted in this thread at those times ... which supports my belief it's related to server load issues ... in that when Evernote's servers are slow to respond it exposes bugs in the web client design. This is what I observe (new web client only; I don't think I've seen this
  2. I wouldn't call that a "home page" as such, since it always displays exactly one note (or none eg if there are no notes in a selected notebook, or search). Rather it's a layout with additional panels - which the new web client does not have, but certainly could. In the old web client you could have a side panel listing all shortcuts, all notebooks and all tags - expandable / collapsible - as well as the list of notes in the selected notebook or search (including tag search). I think that should be brought back in the new web client. Would that meet your need?
  3. I have this issue too - also Linux, although that shouldn't be significant, and also using Firefox which could be significant. Search text handling is still a long way behind what was possible in the old web client.
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