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  1. Please provide a Night/Dark Theme for Evernote Web UI There has been a fair amount of discussion on this topic already, but this issue becomes GLARINGLY evident to me with the new Evernote Web UI. I am suffer from photophobia and many other Evernote users have shared their similar issues in this post. The new interface is intensely bright for people like myself and we will have great difficulty working with this. The Evernote team have shown their ability to transform interfaces into some clean and readable through the Clearly Extension, please work your magic with the Evernote Web UI as well! Thank you!
  2. I will add my voice to the (long standing!) call for a Dark Theme for Evernote, particularly the new Evernote Web theme. I suffer from photophobia and, like many others have expressed in this Topic, have various workarounds but would greatly benefit from an easily accessible solution. I greatly appreciate the Clearly Extension, and hope that something similar can be implemented for Evernote.
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