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  1. I am also really frustrated, because the webclipper does not work for me anymore for safari (safari 8.0.2 on mac 10.10.1)
  2. I am using Evernote on a secondary screen (with vertical orientation for reading). When I am in a notebook with a short name, everything is OK When the name is longer then the search button disappears: ...and the search cannot be used
  3. There is one really annoying bug in Evernote for the mac: Select a nodebook (Foo)Create a new note (the default notebook for this note is Foo)Move the notebook in the note to another notebook (e.g. Bar)==> The note is goneI find this extremely distrubing, because I have Evernote open all the time and I don't think about the notebook first when I create a new note. Usually some notebook is selected (from my last search) and when I want to create a new note, I always forget to first think about the notebook (and usually the notebook the new note belongs to is not in the list of the most recent notebooks) . I just click on "New Note". I don't care about the notebook, because I don't want to forget my thought. I usually start writing the note (because that is what is in my mind) and later decide which notebook the note belongs to. I usually choose the notebook while I finalize the note and *boom* it is gone when I change the notebook. What I would expect, that either the note stays or that the selected notebook changes to "All Notes" or to the newly selected notebook. What I don't want is that the note disappears. I can understand that when I organize my notes that in that I may want that the note disappears form the current notebook. But for new notes I find this behaviour very annoying....
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