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  1. Now that Microsoft Office has an Android app I use that mostly. You can change the page color at least.
  2. Just an update... ...the people who claim most are not requesting a "black theme" are not entirely correct. Those of us who get migraines want things as dark as possible. Google Play Book reader has a nighttime option now that has black background with an orange-like text. It's called night mode I think. It is perfect. Really, eReader options are exactly what Evernote needs. Think about it. eReaders have to option of white, cream, green or black backgrounds. They let you change the size of text too...which would help with strain. And let's not mistake things...its the apps that need this the most. On my laptop, I can make adjustments if I must. On tablets, not so much. Someone a few pages back said that Word 2013 does not allow us to change themes...this is not true at all. That person just doesn't fully understand how to use Microsoft Word. You have theme options, AND you have the ability to change the displayed page color in Word (I have done it). Because Evernote has ignore this, I rarely use the app anymore. Microsoft Word is now available for Android, so I have been using that and Google Docs. I'm an author, so I spend a LOT of time using my tablets and laptop to write. I once swore by Evernote. Now...I have no reason to. They dropped the ball.
  3. Paper is not backlit. Staring into a light all day is unhealthy for the eyes, but there are more reasons than that. Millions of people have migraine issues. The leading cause of migraine pain is glare...so any light source can lead to it. By having a black screen with white text, the glare is greatly reduced, allowing us to write for longer periods. As an author, I spend many, many hours using a screen. 8-16 hours per day. 6-7 days per week (I'm a hard worker). The one size text is an issue as well, but would be tolerable if we could invert the screen. Android 5 allows full inversion now, so that's a plus, but bulky to invert everything thru system settings on the android.
  4. If you are using Microsoft Word in a WINDOWS environment, you can use the magnifier in System Tools to invert colors. White becomes black, for example. You may have to fiddle with the Magnifier options to get it right. I also adjust the zoom to 100%. While outside of writing programs it can be strange, inside word it works perfectly. I do all of my final writings this way. Using Evernote less and less as a result. NOTE ADDED: I add it to the quick menu on the task bar so I can get to it easily.
  5. Suffer from migraines. LCD/LED really makes it worse. For Kindle app, I read with a black screen and dimmed brightness most of the time. On my windows laptop, I invert colors through the magnifyer tool under access ability. As an author, I must use an electronic device to work. I rely on ever note for outlines and chapter first drafts. I use my android during the first draft stage. White on black in ever note would tasks my disability into account, since my migraines are that bad. I'm llucky to get 2-3 hours work done per day in ever note because of the brightness. If I could get a dark screen, ever note would probable make money off me.
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