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  1. I was using the old web version - the one that's been around for >5 years. I'm now trying the 'Classic' version and although it is very slow to load up and open notes (like 5x worse) it so far seems to be more stable in terms of saving.
  2. I'm getting this all the time too and agree that it's incredibly frustrating! The number of times I've typed all this info only for it to disappear into oblivion. Refreshing the page does not work for me. There are just some notes where it doesn't matter how many times I edit it or refresh, it will never ever save via the web version. But if I go onto my Android phone and try to update that same note via the Evernote app, no problem at all & saves the note straight away. So basically every time I want to update that note I now have to type it into my phone rather than use a PC (w
  3. Thanks for the information on how to get back to the old interface! I was hoping it was possible as I have been struggling so much with the new UI for weeks. As a web designer myself, I am all for minimalistic and simplistic design for the purpose of making the user experience more initiative. However in this case the over-simplification has served to do the exact opposite. I agree with edwinyzh - pleasing design should not come at the expense of the experience. The iconography is very confusing too. The new interface may suit a mobile app or 7" tablet, but for the many users who log into
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