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  1. I have set up Notebooks like "Business Cards" and "Dons Stuff" and "Clients". How come there is an area called "All Personal Notes" ? All my notes show up in "All Personal Notes" as well as the Notebook I created to put specific notes in. I would like not to see all the business cards, that's why I put them in a Notebook? Same with "Don's Stuff" I do not want to see all the notes in "Don's Stuff", yet all notes show up in "All Personal notes", that is why I created a notebook---I think--to not see all notes? Yet, Perhaps I do want all notes visible, and I am just not aware of that yet? At this point. I am sure I am not understanding. Thanks
  2. Can i share a notebook with non Evernote Users and not require them to have a password or evernote account?
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