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  1. I've been creating table of content notes for a few months. But I have the following problem. And it's probably a simple solution but I can't figure it out.


    When I click on a link to another note within a table of contents note, Evernote takes me to that note. But I'm not able to return to my table of contents note. In fact, if I look at my open windows, any link I click on in a table of contents note is listed as "table of contents" (if that's the title of the note). So I could have 7 links in a table of contents note, and I could click on all seven of those links, but the titles for those notes remain my original title of the table of contents note--which means that I can't see which note is my original table of contents note. It's like there's a back button I'm missing.


    What am I missing here?


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