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  1. Oi. O que houve com o Evernote depois que foi atualizado? Está travando direto quando fica aberto por muito tempo no Macbook. Um aplicativo que propõe produtividade, agora está deixando tudo mais difícil e "amarrado". Sempre demora pra fechar e reabrir. Um upgrade que não está sendo bom, pelo menos pra mim.
  2. I don't use outlook by now. Today, we use Gsuite. GsuiteXEvernote is very well!!!
  3. In the Evernote plugin for Gmail, on the right side, we have the window that opens. Can we use this plugin to create a note or view created notes instead of just emailing Evernote? With Google Keep its possible. Tks
  4. Hi.. when will Evernote allow photo and document annotations (just like Skitch) in the web version????
  5. Great!!!!! The problem is over! Tks to everyone at Evernote.
  6. I think it has to do with updating Outlook. Evernote needs to work on developing this plugin.
  7. No. I talked to a successful Evernote and Microsoft support. This may be occurring because of the Outlook update. The Evernote plugin needs to be updated as well. I think the developers of the Evernote plugin are not at the same speed as Outlook. That is what may be happening. If the problem is corrected, I'll post it here. Please, also post here if you can solve it. Tks
  8. YEA. I spoke with an Evernote and Outlook support and they told me the same hypothesis: maybe the Evernote plugin is not as up-to-date as the Outkook. For example, I'm active in my Office 365 Desktop Office Insider, where all apps are updated before anyone else. Outlook upgraded by giving problem in the Evernote plugin. The Evernote company has to update the plugin as Outlook evolves.
  9. Initially I did this, but it did not solve the problem. It should be something in the application, something that Evernote has to solve internally.
  10. I have already sent a message to Evernote support but they do not respond. I already spoke with Office 365 support and they said that this has to be solved with Evernote.
  11. Hello. I am having trouble with Evernote in Outlook Desktop. I can not save an email in Evernote because it always "loads". Save option is inactive. In the Web version of Outlook, I get it! Waiting for answers! Tks https://www.evernote.com/l/AIoHlaYRk6hN8YQmVjVbf-AUiidSOZl3wE4
  12. Olá à todos! Apesar de achar uma ideia prematura ou sem importância, mas, já senti a necessidade algumas vezes. Quem usa o suplemento do Evernote para o Office 365 ou Outlook.com faz isso pelos "Suplementos do outlook". Isso possibilita que você use esse recurso em qualquer navegador ou qualquer computador. Alguém sabe se isso está sendo desenvolvido no Gmail/Gsuite? *Verificar a foto do diretório de apps do Gmail. Não tem o Evernote lá..

    Se eu uso o Gmail/GSuite, eu faço isso pelo Chrome e isso requer que eu use somente meu computador para usufruir dos apps instalador. 

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  13. Hello everyone! Although I find a premature or unimportant idea, but I've felt the need sometimes. Anyone who uses the Evernote add-in for Office 365 or Outlook.com does this by "Outlook add-ins." This enables you to use this feature in any browser or any computer. Does anyone know if this is being developed in Gmail / Gsuite? * Check the photo of the Gmail apps directory. There's no Evernote there.. 

    If I use Gmail / GSuite, I do this for Chrome and this requires that I use only my computer to take advantage of the installer apps.

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