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  1. I am with OP!! I get many emails every day, many of which require some sort of replies. I used to just interlineate my responses in the email client. This works fine, but it does not afford an efficient workflow like the one I have FINALLY found! When an email requires a reply, I forward it to my EN account. A couple times a day I then go through my default Notebook and tag items with projects, priorities, etc. I can't emphasize how much I LOVE EN for this function AND the ability to do it on my iPad. I would LOVE to be able to export the EN Notes I created via email into a .pdf format. I could open the .pdf in a .pdf editor and annotate with a stylus, and then forward the annotated files back to my original work email address. At present, there is no way I can find to complete this workflow via iPad alone. I can't over-emphasize how much my remote work ability would improve if I could do this.
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