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  1. Thanks for the followup. I actually created a support ticket last Friday (# 796187), but I thought a public forum post might help others who might have the same problem. FYI, there's also a one-star review in the App Store (not from me) that points out this issue.
  2. I just wanted to report a bug in the iOS app (on both iPhone and iPad running 8.1). It seems like text selection does not work properly when editing long notes (more than a screen worth of text). I can reproduce this bug as follows: 1) open a long note 2) enter edit mode (so that the keyboard appears) 3) scroll to the bottom 4) select the last sentence 5) drag the first handle up to select the entire note In a typical iOS app, the note would scroll up until all the content is selected. With Evernote, it stops as soon as the second handle is about to scroll off screen. I can get around this my restarting my selection at the beginning and then moving the second handle *down*. But it's very annoying. See the attached file. The first handle refuses to move any higher than "2) enter edit mode..."
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