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  1. Hi, I would suggest printing your web article in a pdf (I use Pdf Factory for that) and then anotatingein Papyrus (you will have to purchase a license costing a couple of dnllars for this functionality). What I regularly do aswell is do a screen capture on my tablet and then import the image into my Papyrus document. The image import functionality of Papyrus is very handy, letting you crop the part of the screen capture you're interested in.
  2. Hi, I use a Dagi stylus p507 on my Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablet. The copy/paste function of Papyrus is not a premium feature. Once you select part of your drawing, you can duplicate it. IMO, using a Galaxy Note tablet is a better choice than using a ''simple'' Galaxy Tab because the built in G Note stylus is more efficient and precise than a capacitive stylus.
  3. I completely ceased to use handwriting in Evernote. Instead, I use the Papyrus app on my tablet with a capacitive stylus. This app is incredibly good for drawing schemas. It shines when you need to copy/paste parts of your schematics, or resize it. I urge Evernote to buy the Papyrus start-up or to replicate their great drawing tool !
  4. Hi, I know how to select part of my drawing so I can move it around, but how can I cut it or copy it in the clipboard ? Thanks a lot, Arc
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